Our company, which started its activities in the Bursa Grand Bazaar (Bursa Uzunçarşı) the historical green city in northwest of Turkey in 1940 by our grandfather "HALİL ERBEY". Right now our company continues its activities by our 3rd generation CEO "ORHAN ERBEY" who realized the institutional change of the company.

Our company, which initially operated on roasted and ground coffee, has increased its product variety and service network over time and has been manufacturing and wholesale distribution of over 100 products, including "fruit flavored drinks, Turkish tea and coffee" main groups. Since the beginning of the 90s, we have been delivering our products to all over Turkey with fully automatic machines, producing in closed circuit without human interventiaon. Many of our products, which are mainly used in the out-of-home consumption channel, are among the leading brands in their category throughout our country.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, we have been adding innovative products targeting the end consumer and retail channels to our portfolio, and we have been working in this field mainly through local market chains and our dealers. Our company, which mainly supplies the domestic market, exports to more than 20 countries.

We continue our activities in our central factory located in Bursa Yıldırım district, in an indoor area of 8000 square meter. We produce our tea by collecting fresh tea leaves in our factory located in Ketenli village of Rize city on the eastern Blacksea cost.

Our company, which is regularly inspected by the relevant ministry units, produces at the level of ISO HACCCP standards. As the third generation, we offer you our trust and quality, which the years have not diminished, as healthy products.